Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sayonara Sarah

My super-smart, super-pretty, super-talented and super-awesome friend, Sarah, moved away. This makes me sad.

Me and Sarah:
Sarah and I were both part of the old-school book club crowd. Why do my book club girls keep leaving me? (Lili and Grace - I'm giving you the evil eye right now!)

Book club girls wearing black in mourning for the loss of Sarah:
She moved to St. Louis to take a big, fat promotion. Hurray, Sarah! We are very proud of her.

Proud though we may be, we have not had a book club social event since she left! This is just wrong!! It's obvious that we need her here to rev us up and get us out. So sad. We are all going to turn into dullards without her around. (I've always wanted to use the word "dullard")

Wait! We did have one sort-of social event. We had a "Hazing Of The All-New Actual Lesbian" to find her replacement. The All-New Actual Lesbian is going to be a good addition to book club, but if she really wants to be Sarah's replacement, she'd better be scheduling a happy hour damn quick.

In memory of our dearly departed Sarah...some random pictures from the glory days...

At Frank and Albert's:

At Trader Vic's:At Kristen's house:
Thanksgiving at my house:

At Heather's Hazing night:

A few months ago, Kiri hosted what turned out to be the "Last Supper". I meant to blog about it at the time, but (no surprise) I never did. There was something about feral llamas that had Sarah laughing a lot...but the story escapes me. So instead of a story, you just get dinner pictures.

Pat and Wayne:
Robyn, Kiri, Mari:
Jimmy and Tom:
And the best for last...my friend Sarah. We are already planning book club reunion to get her back here!

Monday, August 16, 2010

3-Legged Agility

I'm taking Mo to her first agility trial over Labor Day. I'm not sure if she's ready to trial, but I guess we'll see.

It's been hard this summer because she really hates the heat. Frankie couldn't care less if it's hot...he'll play all day long. But Mo, she shuts down when it gets too hot. I was practicing with her on a course that went out and back and out again. Mo went out with me, she went back with me, but when I went out again, Mo ran right into her x-pen in the shade instead. :) I hope it's the heat and not a dislike of agility. I guess we'll see that, too. The trial is up north in Pinetop so it should be nice and cool.

She's already super-slow to begin with, but add in the heat and she slows down to barely a walk. However, last night we got to practice when it was fairly cool out and she did so well! She was almost running even. Check it out (I hope you've got some time because even at an almost-run, she is still Slo-Mo):

You can tell she is still afraid of the noise of the teeter. And I forgot in the middle of the run that she still doesn't do off-side weaves so I had to stop her so I could get on the right side. It sure is a different experience running Mo compared to Frankie!!

And here is Frankie doing the same course in half the time: