Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Permanently Rescued From the Island of Misfit Toys

I officially adopted Mo today! I dropped her off at the shelter this morning to get spayed. She was not very happy about being left behind at that scary place again. It was heartbreaking to watch her try to follow me out the door. I came back in the afternoon to complete the adoption application, pay the fees and sign on the dotted line. Woo hoo! Now she's MINE!

Poor Mo was terrified and disoriented after her surgery. She growled at the adoptions guy when he went to get her out of her hospital kennel. He came back and asked me to go with him to get her. Once she saw me, she calmed right down and cheered right up and they were able to inject her microchip with no problem. She hasn't left my side since.

Here is her very special Woo Woo Howl. I love her howl! She offers this when she sees me first thing in the mornings and again at feeding time. You can tell that this is feeding time by Frankie's frenzied anticipation.

And, as pleased as I am for Mo's happily-ever-after, I need to apologize to all the sick and injured dogs I passed in the shelter hospital. To the little pit bull puppy with the one eye, the rottweiler with the big bandage on his side, the golden retriever with the goopy eyes, the little poodle mix cowering in the back of his cage - I am sorry that I cannot give you the temporary home you need to heal your injuries and the time you need to recuperate from the bad things that have happened in your lives up to this point. My heart breaks for you. And to all of you reading this post, if you have space and time in your life, even just a little bit, I encourage you to contact your nearest animal shelter and volunteer to foster. It will change your life for the better, I promise.


2halves said...

Welcome home, Mo!!

Lemonade - An Event Company said...

Oh, Mo! What a lucky gal. Merry Christmas to you.