Monday, October 31, 2011

October on Facebook

October 1:
Yummy! — with Wayne and 2 others at hulasmoderntiki.

October 4
This is an awesome deal!! The Spartan Race costs $113 + $9 insurance fee to enter right now. It's only $53 with this deal. Buy it!
Are you Super Spartan tough? Got something to prove, to get over, to get out? This is a great way to get off the couch, out of the gym and return to your primal instincts as you push through our 8+ mile battlefield of insane obstacles and a very technical course that will test your physical strengt...

October 10:
Anyone need to buy a baby gift? This is what you should get!!
Each piece is customized with baby's first, middle and last name, date of birth, time of birth, along with weight and length. Your 8"x8" image is mounted onto a 1/4” MDF board over a ¾” back frame producing a 1” thick finished product, it is protected with an 80% UV protective matte laminate and the beveled edges are finished in a matte white. All pieces are ready to hang and available in three color schemes; pink, sage and blue.

October 11:
I made Graveyard Pesto Artichoke Dip for our Halloween themed book club. Yep, I cooked.

October 15:
Competed in the Hybrid Adventure Games earlier today, now at the Phoenix Coyotes home opener. Best day ever!

October 16:
Facebook, why do I have to click to see 5 new stories? How about you just show them to me?

October 18:
I know that my Mo is an australian shepherd mix. BioPet breed identification test says she is a bulldog/akita mix. Hmmm. Just not seeing it.

October 21:
Grouponing! — with Patrick at India Palace.

October 22:
I completed a hike.
Distance: 10.51mi
Time: 03:23:09
Pace: 19:20min/mi
Speed: 3.10mi/h

October 24:
It is 8:00 on Monday night. I'm s
till working. What are you doing?

October 28:
October 29:
Robots like hockey.October 31:
Fun at work!

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