Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Solution for Wrinkles

On the recommendation of a favorite colleague who is a bit older than me but whose skin is so, so much smoother than mine, I recently switched my sunscreen and moisturizer from PCA to Origins. The results have been fantastic! I have been using it for six months and I can absolutely tell the difference! My wrinkles are way less noticeable now than they were previously.

Last night as I was applying my moisturizer, I was marveling at how great this product is when a realization hit me. It's not the product that is plumping my wrinkles's me who has plumped out. I have gained 18 pounds recently. 18 pounds is a hell of a lot of pounds when you're 5'2"! Of course my wrinkles are less noticeable - my face has filled out. Bummer.

I do like Origins though and will keep using it. However, my recommendation for a wrinkle solution goes not to Origins but to banana splits and Paradise Bakery cookies paired with an addiction to Scramble with Friends that keeps one from spending any time exercising.

(If you need help with that SWF addiction, I can help you. My user name is alittlediamond. I need some more games!)

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