Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Goal for 2013

This one isn't a resolution like the ones listed in the last post; this one is a goal. I have no idea what the functional difference between a resolution and a goal is, but I'm calling this one a goal anyway.

My goal is to be able to do this again:

Back in the fall when I was working out after soccer games, I saw some volleyball girls doing box jumps at the gym. I was totally jealous of how high they could jump. One day when they weren't there, I gave it a go. I was very, very surprised and very, very happy to find out that I could jump just as high as those girls! (Even in soccer cleats!) Woo hoo!  I was so excited that I made Julie videotape me.

It was kind of scary so the highest I dared to do was 36". I wanted to jump higher so I decided that I was going to work on box jumps every time I was at the gym! This video was taken on Thursday, November 8th. The next time I was at the Castle was Sunday, November 11. I fully intended to work on my jumps after my soccer games.

but then...

Gr! In my second game I sprained my ankle really, really bad. I was carried off the field and was on crutches for the next few days. So much for working on box jumps. :(  So much for doing ANYTHING, for that matter. :(  Boo.

So the goal now is to get my ankle strong enough to be able to jump 36" again. Or higher!


- the Wendtlands said...

You're so tiny and that is so high! Way to go and good luck getting that ankle healed!

Craig Brandenburg said...

Did you get your ankle X-rayed?