Monday, March 15, 2010


Sorry, sorry, sorry! I know you are all annoyed and angry that I've been ignoring my blog. I know you are all muttering under your collective breaths about how lazy I am and how all my blogging fame has gone to my head and that I'm ignoring all the little people who made my fame possible.

Ok...that's all a stretch...but I do apologize to the one person who has commented that she's missed my blog. I will try to do better.

I do have an excuse for my absence. I know, everyone always has an excuse! Well, here's mine:

Christy and I have decided to undertake a huge undertaking. That makes us undertakers, right?

The undertaking is this:

After our first urban adventure race last January, Christy said, "We should put on our own race." She has been saying this for over a year now. I finally gave in and Twilight Town Treks was born.

I've been spending the last two weeks getting this whole thing underway. The most time-consuming thing taking me away from A Little Diamond was creating and writing the website. We've been posting the races everywhere. We are now working on sponsors and promoting the race. If you live in one of our cities (Phoenix area, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Las Vegas), please register and tell all your friends!!

If you do that, I promise I'll update this blog. Agility, fosters, weddings, etc....