Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mean Dogs

I've mentioned before the abundance of cats in my neighborhood and how their presence makes dog-walking a challenge. My dogs really, really, really want to chase those cats. A litter was born in the spring and three of them have taken up residence in the alley behind my house. They like to hang out on my backyard wall at night, especially between 1:00 and 4:00 am. My dogs like to bark at them, and at those hours, it is really annoying.

I am in Albuquerque this week, which means that I get to sleep through the night without hearing my dogs barking at my neighborhood cats. Sometimes traveling a lot is good.

And that preamble was to lead up to the actual mean dogs story.

Today I got this text from Pat:

"If u wondered whether or not Mo, Frankie or Georgie would actually eat a cat, the answer is yes. For all of them. Had it not been for my intervention the cat who thought he was safe behind the shed (what, is he new??), was in all three of your dogs' mouths at the same time. Nice."


I actually had wondered what Frankie and Georgie would do if they caught one of the cats they want so badly to chase. They treat Al as an equal so I hoped that if they ever did catch one of the neighborhood cats, they would realize it was a friend and not eat it. Apparently that is not the case. I've never wondered about Mo. She's been dying to eat Al ever since she moved in and I've never had any question about her malicious ill-will towards all other cats.

My dogs are mean.

Pat says that he thinks the cat was hurt, but it did manage to get over the wall once he got the dogs off of it. Poor little thing. Now I've got an injured cat on my conscience. Bad dogs!!


Anonymous said...

Cats are friends, not food.
Repeat as needed.

jen said...

i'm going to pretend that i didn't read this post. in my mind your pups are friendly cat lovers.