Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Depth Perception

I had my eyes checked last week. It was definitely time for new glasses as I have been squinting of late. I also worried that maybe my failing vision could have been what caused my horrible migraine experience, so I made an appointment as soon as I was back on my feet.

They have a lot of new-fangled gadgetry at the optometrist these days. Have you been lately? It's awesome! You just look into a machine and it tells the doctor what your prescription should be. I love this because it cuts down on a lot of the "Is A better than B? B or C? C or D?" I hate that because B and C look the exact same and C is better than D in some ways but D is better than C in others. I never know how to answer!

At one point in the exam, the doctor put a pair of sunglasses on over my regular glasses and brought out an i-Pad looking thing. Oooh, more new-fangled gadgetry! There were 9 boxes on the screen. Each box had 5 dots, like a 5 die. She pointed to the first box and asked me which dot was closest to me. Huh? I said none of them was closest. She thought I was being a smart-ass so she asked again, "Ok. Which one appears to be closest to you?" I said that they all appear to be the same distance from me. "Oh," she said. Turns out the sunglasses were 3-D glasses and I have absolutely no depth perception at all. 9 boxes on the test and I couldn't even see the easiest one!!

I've always said I have no depth perception, but people mostly thought I was just making excuses for not being able to hit or catch a ball. Softball, wiffleball, volleyball are all horrible sports for me. I will readily admit that I am uncoordinated and I have slow reflexes too, but really I'm not making excuses....I have no depth perception! Just ask my eye doctor!

I was sharing the eye doctor depth perception story with my soccer team and one of the boys on the team, who happens to be a really nice boy, said "Oh! That explains a lot!" Then later he said again, "No depth perception! That really explains so much!!" Wow :( Am I that bad at soccer?! Just wait til I get tested for coordination and reflexes...that will explain even more!


Molly said...

Well it probably does explain a lot for you but LOL! Sounds like you've made it this far OK though.

2halves said...

OMG, you have Early Takeoff Syndrome?! You should email Linda Mecklenburg now. Maybe you get a few free Clean Runs out of it.