Monday, June 28, 2010

New Foster

The latest foster is a little Chihuahua with a stupid name. I've got her because her owner is in a domestic violence shelter. She'll go back when the lady gets a new safe place to live. I feel like maybe I shouldn't blog about her cuz what if the bad guy is doing google blog searches looking for the dog as a link to the lady, and he finds my blog and then somehow he figures out where I live and then comes to steal the dog and kills me in the process? So for the welfare of my life (I've still got to bowl a 200 game and go to New Zealand or Australia, you know), I'm not going to tell you her name.

This gets me to wondering... let's say the bad guy IS doing google blog searches? What would he search for? How would he go about finding out where his girlfriend/wife's little dog is? Hopefully he isn't searching for "Domestic Violence + Chihuahua". This blog will come right up for sure.

Anyway, this foster is a mess of a dog. Given her life situation up to this point, it's no wonder, but still. She's a mess. For the first two days she wouldn't move. She'd stand in one place and quiver until I moved her. Moving her was a challenge because if you picked her up, she'd bite the shit out of your wrists and hands. If you put a leash on her, she wouldn't walk. So I tolerated the bites and I dragged her on the leash into and out of the house. We'd be outside for hours (literally) and she wouldn't pee until I gave up and dragged her in the house. The first 5 of 6 times she peed, it was inside. Ergh. Not surprisingly, she wouldn't eat.

Surprisingly, she was not scared scared of men. Weird. She wasn't scared of the dogs either.

After a few days, she has warmed up to me and to living here. Now she likes me a lot! When I come home she gets all cuddly.
She's not biting anymore. She willingly goes in and out, and she pees outside. She's eating. She's still really timid and now she's become co-dependent to boot. When you're around, she wants to be matter where you are. I was in the pool yesterday and she was being all antsy around the edge of the pool. I finally figured out that she thought I was too far from her. So I brought her on the raft with me (look closely, she's there!) and she was happy as a clam.
Mo gets really possessive when I bring home fosters. She's nice to them, but she starts being a little clingy with me. This was her reaction to the little chihuahua:
I claim thee in the name of MoLand.
Maybe she's worried that she'll be replaced.
Hey! Hey! I'm right here! Don't forget about me!

I will rest my paw right here on your shoulder so you don't forget about me.

I'm still your favorite, right? RIGHT?

Don't tell the wreck of a chihuahua, but yes, Mo, you're my favorite. Well, tied with Frankie and Georgie, of course. :)


Vickie said...

Welcome to the Land of the Chihuahua!! Love how Mo has claimed you - them Aussies get very sad if they think they're being replaced, and they just have to remind you that they're #1 in your heart!

Jen Henry said...

the pics with Mo are priceless!