Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Race Schedule

Just so you know what I've got planned this year (and so my stalkers know where to find me)...

January 15 - Tough Mudder - Done and blogged about. Check.

January 28 - Scavenger Dash and costume contest - with Christy. The first year we came in second. Last year we came in 8th. Second place in costume contest the first year, tied for costume contest win last year.

February 11 - Spartan Race (Super) - another mud/obstacle run. 8+ miles, 15+ obstacles - with Christy, Brian, Irene and Wayne.

February 19 - People Saving Pets Walk empowered by PetSmart Charities and costume contest for the dogs - with Pat and Christy's daughter, Miranda. Last year it rained and was soooo cold. It was sad because so many rescue organizations brought out pets for the adoptathon but no one stayed after the walk. I sincerely hope for better weather this year!

February 25 - Great Urban Race and costume contest - with Christy. Our race history: 3rd, 4th, 1st. We haven't won a costume contest yet, though we were finalists the past two years.

March 10 - CitySolve Urban Race and costume contest - with Christy. Our race history: 2nd and 1st. No costume contest wins.

April 1 - Urban Bike Adventure and costume contest - with Pat. This is a new race and it will be my first one on bikes.

April 7 - Toro Loco - with FRANKIE! And Brian and Irene and their kids. And some girls from work with their dogs. This is a mud run that has two divisions, easy and hard. The easy one allows you to run with your kids and your dogs. Dogs at a mud run? I love it! They are raising funds for Southern Arizona Humane Society. And they let you do both courses for the price of one. I love them already.

April 14 - Firefly Run Illuminated Night 5K and costume contest - with Brian and Emily. This is also a new race. It's just a regular ol' 5K but it's at night and they give you glow sticks. I bought it on a Schwaggle deal, plus with my Active Advantage membership, it was practically free.

April 21 - CityScape Adventures and costume contest - with Pat. Race history: 1st place with Christy the first year, 1st place with Pat the second year, plus a finalist in the costume contest. I should blog about that race, huh?

May 19 - 5K Foam Fest. Another new race. It's an obstacle/mud/foam run. So far, I'm doing this one alone. Come on, people.

July 7 - Extreme Heat Coon Bluff Adventure Race - with Irene. This was my first ever adventure race. Race history 16th, 11th, ?, and last year I missed it because of my family reunion.

August 11 - Extreme Heat Dreamy Draw Adventure Race - with Irene. I don't remember how we did our first year, but last year we got 6th out of 19.

September 22 - Gilmore Adventure Race - with Irene. My favorite race!! This will be our 5th year! Race history: 2nd place for 2-person female team and 17th overall, 1st/7th, 1st/3rd, 1st/6th. While proud of all our great finishes in our division, I have to admit there have never been more than five 2-person female teams and last year there were only two!

October 20 - Extreme Heat Night Adventure Race with Irene. We got 3rd out of 19 last year.

November 3 - CitySolve Nationals (Miami) with Christy. We got 8th, 9th or 10th at the CitySolve Nationals in 2010 (the scoring was a little wonky) and we didn't go this past year.

- or - Scavenger Dash Night Race with Christy or Irene. This is new!
- and November 4 - TGen 5K for Pancreatic Cancer with work. I've done the TGen 5K twice and have gotten in the top 3 in my age division both times. It helps that this race is scheduled on a weekend where all the real runners are doing the New Times 10K or the women's half. :)

November 10 - Great Urban Race Nationals (Las Vegas) with Christy, if we qualify! Race history: 14th, 65th, 38th and one costume contest win. We're all over the place on this one.

November 17 - Rugged Maniac with Karissa. Another mud run. Last year was super-duper fun!

December 9 - 12K's of Christmas and costume contest for people and dogs - with Emily and my pups. Last year we won a prize in the costume contest. We went as gingerbread men and gingerbread dogs. We need a new theme for this year. Suggestions are welcome!

What's missing? The Oyster Race - they aren't coming to Phoenix this year. Boo. The Warrior Dash - done it, don't need to do it again. Urban Dare - we are going to be on vacation. Hybrid Adventure Games - they don't have their schedule posted. They had better hurry as my year is filling up quickly!!


Anonymous said...

Arizona Treasure Hunt is missing from the list.
What are your intentions for this year's hunt?

Terri G. said...

So is there room for agility trials in your schedule? We miss you!