Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dodge Got Adopted!

Before the actual news of this post, I need to share with you another good Laffy Taffy joke: What do you call the chicken as he crosses the road?

OK - now for purpose of this post: The little Dodgeball did not go up for adoption over the weekend as I had hoped, as he needed to have more x-rays done to verify that his leg was healed sufficiently. He passed the medical exam and finally went up for adoption on Tuesday morning at the AHS Sunnyslope facility. Their doors open at 10:00 am, and when I checked the adoptable dogs on their website at 1:30 pm, he was gone. Yippeee!!! Adopted within 3 1/2 hours! What a superstar! I'm pretty sure that he has already taken over his new household and is keeping everyone's laps warm.

The answer to the above joke: Poultry in motion. Hee.

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Anonymous said...

The real answer to your riddle is ... Chuck Norris's lunch. BaHaa!