Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Did Tomorrow Do Last Night?

Tomorrow is my new Wednesday night soccer team. With the exception of me and Jamie, the team is composed completely of brand-newbies. Our first four games were rough. We were a sad, sad bunch. You know how bees swarm around and chase whoever messes with their hive? Yeah, that's what we looked like - a bunch of yellow shirts swarming and chasing the ball. No offense, no defense, just ball-chasing.

We started to show some improvement after the first few games. Then we got our big break. One of the teams had only three players show up for the game. Playing five against three is a real confidence boost and we started to score some goals. Eventually they gave up and forfeited the game - our first win! Last week we played Captain Awesome and got our first "real" win - equal number of players, no forfeit. It was amazing. They were the first place team! We were the last place team! Everyone thought it was a fluke. We considered it a winning streak.

Yesterday was the first game of playoffs; first place plays last place. Yep, we were still in last place. Captain Awesome was still in first. We played our hearts out. It was a very close and hard-fought game, but we pulled it off and won with a score of 5-4. Tomorrow won their first playoff game! Next week, we take on Code Brown for the championship. Go Tomorrow!!

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