Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The end of the hockey season is coming up. I have not yet committed to playing again next season and it's been causing me some stress trying to make up my mind. Below is my pro/con list.

Reasons to Quit
1. It is very expensive - about $25 a game.
2. I'd like to have more time and money to focus on agility.
3. I have more heart than ability (which is a nice way to say I am really a terrible player).
4. The games are really late - 9:10 and 10:40 pm on Thursday and Friday nights.
5. It's a hassle to stay up late, drive all the way there and put on the gear all for a 45 minute game.
6. I still get plenty of exercise playing soccer 4 times a week.

Reasons to Keep Playing
1. It's cool to play ice hockey on a men's team.
2. It's something Pat and I do together.
3. Once I get past the staying up late, the drive, the putting on of the gear, I usually enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...


You're a super-star! You can do it!! Don't quit on me!!! WHEE!!!!