Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pat's Smokyque

Pat bought a smoker. Because the big-ass barbecue grill, the little hibachi and the two camping grills he has just aren't enough for a manly man like Pat.
Pat had never used a smoker before. He didn't even know what kind of wood or charcoal to use. He didn't know what type of meat to smoke. He didn't know how to prepare whatever meat he chose. This lack of know-how didn't phase Pat one bit. He threw a party for the smoker test run. He invited people over for a smokyque, or if things didn't work out right, a pizza party.

Pat did a great job - calling my mom and doing some internet research really helped out! Here is the very yummy pork loin before we all devoured it. There were also two chickens and some sausages but they were gone before I got the camera out.The best part about this party was that it was Pat's party. Not OUR party, but PAT'S party. He invited the guests. He did the grocery shopping, he mowed the yard and cleaned up the patio, he set up the serving area and made the side dishes. I was a guest. Ok - I did pick up the dog toys that were all over the house and I made shrimp salsa, but my involvement was so minimal it was almost like I was a guest. Being lazy and lots of food? A winning combination, I'd say!

This is my friend Elaine. (Look at her adorable dimples!)
This is where my blue pool started turning green. 10 adults, 7 children, 1 dog and loads of sunscreen can really do a number on the chlorine level!
Next up for the smoker? A turkey for Thanksgiving!


Lili said...

I Luv Pat! how nice of him to throw the party! Smoked meat is delicious. I must say you are quite a spoiled girl...(and cute, shirtless dudes in the pool is a nice bonus)

Craig Brandenburg said...

What? No more smokyques this summer?