Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Slightly Sketchy Shepherd Named Sable

I took Scarlet in to the Humane Society yesterday. Her adopter met us there. Yay - a happy ending for a stellar dog! Scarlet will have a little sister and a doting owner and a next door neighbor who provides afternoon play time for the dogs every day.

Lose a foster - gain a foster. The new one is a four year old German Shepherd named Sable. Her family lost their home and turned her in to the shelter. She's got bad skin and coat, she's undernourished and has recently had puppies. I am fostering her for two weeks while she recovers from kennel cough.

Sable is a little sketchy - she is OCD (she's a spinner). She is iffy with my dogs, not aggressive yet, but iffy. She obsesses over the cat. She is exceptionally strong, won't release toys and barks at strangers. I'm keeping an eye on the situation and hoping for the best. I'm going to alternate yard time between her and my pups for awhile and make sure the kitty is up on the counters before letting her in the house. (I've only got one kitty left and I need to make sure to keep him alive!!)

On the plus side, she loves her people like crazy. She immediately decided I was "her people" the minute she got in my car. When I got her home she wouldn't leave my side. She let me brush her and clean her ears. Later that evening I decided to give her a bath because her fur was pretty nasty. She loved it! She lay down on the grass and let me soap her all up and then stood nicely while I rinsed her off. She loves to cuddle and wants to be near me all the time. She goes in her crate nicely so far. I'm going to work on some obedience with her and definitely work on her OCD behaviors as much as I can.

Wish us luck! Pictures will be coming soon.

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