Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anne's Wedding

Wedding day started out with pictures. After days and days of rain, Springfield finally had a sunny day...Yippee!! The leaves were just starting to turn colors and the park was beautiful! Most of the group shots were taken on this bridge. The girls - Amy, me, Anne and Anne's best friend from college, Heather:Closeup:
Anne with the boys - Jon (Kevin's friend from college), Kevin, Anne, Terry (Kevin's friend since grade school) and Gerald (Kevin's stepdad):
Kevin and the girls:
It was a nice sunny day, but don't be fooled. It was FREEZING! This is a more accurate depiction of the day:

Eventually we were so cold that we couldn't even take our wraps off for the pictures anymore. (Speaking of wraps... aren't they cute? And they match perfectly! Amy and I found them at TJ Maxx that morning.)
Anne and Pat:

Finally I get to see my cute brother, Brett! Here he is with his cute wife and family:

The venue all finished and ready to go:
They use this building as a day care during the day! Weird.

Somehow I managed to take no pictures of the buffet or the food (I know! I always take pictures of the food!!) but I never would miss a picture of a cake! Mmmm, cake:

Eventually we were able to corral the whole Diamond clan for a group shot. Too bad the settings on my dad's camera were off, thus a blurry shot of the whole Diamond clan (with the tall spouses on the ends):

The ceremony:The kiss:
The food:
(seriously why don't I have a picture of the food? It was really yummy and the buffet was so pretty!)

The cake-cutting. (Mmmm, cake!):

Pat made a new BFF at the wedding. Kevin's college friend, Jon, is a hockey player and a youth hockey coach. He's a Blues fan but he lives in Kansas City so he doesn't get to see NHL games much. He and Pat talked hockey all night. Until they talked phones - we all have the same phone:

The final event of the night - clean up time! Bride and Maid of Honor tearing down the bar:

It was a beautiful wedding! Everything went perfectly, all the guests had a good time and Anne and Kevin were radiant. Congratulations, guys!

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ebethe99 said...

TOoooooooooooooooooo cute!! (tee-hee! get it? from your earlier post!!) Was the wedding at the Beach House??