Monday, October 26, 2009

An Exhausting Saturday...a 3-Part Post

Part I - The Wiffleball Tournament

Yep, you read that right. Little Tom from work plays in wiffleball tournaments. Before I met him, I didn't really know there were such things....but there are! There was one this weekend run by City of Glendale Parks and Rec. And since I'm such a joiner, I just had to sign up, too...despite the fact that I cannot hit, throw or catch a ball. I got together some athletic guy friends and put in a team. Pat named us the Holey Balls. Get it?

My team - Ian, Jamie, me, Pat:
Little Tom was a bit worried for us because, he says, a wiffleball takes a little while to get used to. He was right. It took us awhile to figure how to pitch. After the first game (which we had to forfeit after 2 innings because of a 10 run rule), Jamie figured out how to throw strikes and things were looking up.
Alas, we never really figured out how to hit the ball. Eventually I did get a base hit. It was quite exciting!
Fielding also was difficult. Well, it wasn't difficult for me, but that's because I only played one inning in the field and I didn't have to touch the ball once. Ian's wife, Emilie, joined us after the first game. I believe her flip flops/bare feet really showed the other teams how dead-serious we were about wiffleball.
The tournament format was four games for everyone, then single elimination playoffs. We played our four games. We lost our four games. No playoffs for us. We did score a run or two though (could have been caused by opposing team generosity). Little Tom's team didn't make the playoffs either and they are good at wiffleball, so we didn't feel too bad.

Part II - The Hockey Game
We got home from the wiffleball tournament at 3:00. At 5:00 we left to go back to Glendale for the Coyotes/Kings game. NFBF joined us for the fun. I like going to hockey games with my boys. I guess I should have made them wear wigs, though, because the Coyotes lost. Bummer! But the intermission was Mascot it wasn't a total waste.

Part III - Dancing and The High School Flashback

After five hours in the sun and the hockey game, I have to admit I was pretty tired and was feeling sort of sun-sick. But I had already told some of the co-ed book club girls that I would go dancing with them and since we rarely get to go, I didn't want to cancel. So I took some advil, put on my goin'-out clothes and went to Scottsdale.
We went to Devil's Martini again. The music was decent, there were lots of people there, overall it was pretty good. The staff were dressed for pre-Halloween. I have an ongoing joke with a friend about mechanics, so I had to take a picture of this waiter/mechanic. He thought I was crazy and he avoided me the rest of the night.
I was exceptionally tired so I wanted to call it a night around 12:00, but I ended up reliving my high school days instead. One of the girls we were with was drunk...really, really drunk. Shortly after I got to the bar, she disappeared. I didn't feel right leaving the other two girls to be responsible, so I stayed. The three of us took turns every half hour or so to make a trip around the bar checking the tables, the patio, the bathrooms. Eventually we expanded our search to the parking lot and the outside of the bar. We had been calling her name in the bathroom, but no one ever answered. The bathroom attendant said our missing friend was not in there. Finally, two hours later, I ignored the bathroom attendant and stationed myself in the bathroom and watched all 11 stall doors to see if there were any with no traffic. Three doors remained shut for the 15 minutes I stood there. I called out her name again a few times, but no answer. I went back a half hour later when I felt that I could not possibly stay awake another second, and two of those doors were still shut. I started pounding on the doors and one opened a crack and there she was...huddled on the floor. After two and a half hours of puking/being passed out, she was still drunk. I took her home, stopping once along the way for her to puke (this was the most vivid of the high school flashbacks) and when I finally got home it was almost 3:00 am.



Kiri said...

OMG, you are a good friend. Thank god you didn't leave her- something awful could have happened. I know who I want to have around if I ever have two glasses of wine.....

Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw you on the Jumbo Tron.
You were a dancing fool and the dude in the hoodie had a face.

Lili said...

omg...I thought that was Sarah (or Jen)..then I reread the part about CO-ED BOOK CLUB!. Whew. I say....only go out with the real book club girls from now on. hee hee. No offense, co-ed people, but Zippy can't be out until 3 am!! too many other things to do!

Elaine said...

I must admit that I never had this experience in high school, college, or now. I'm pretty sure I've always been too old for that she-ite. But God bless you for taking care of your friend.