Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wedding Prep

I'm going to do two separate posts for Anne's wedding, because I've got lots of pictures. Eventually, when the real pictures from the real photographer get to me, I'll do a third post. But for now you'll have to settle for what I got from my crappy camera.

Pat and I flew to Springfield on Thursday. Friday was all about Wedding Prep. The girls all got pedicures and went to lunch. I have no pictures of the day. It was so cold and rainy that I couldn't find the motivation to get my camera out. Cold weather makes me tired.

That evening, the wedding party met at the venue, the pavilion at Lincoln Park, to set up and decorate. All the groomsmen, bridesmaids and family pitched in. Groomsmen and Anne setting up the votives:
Kevin's daughter, Rachel, and I setting the tables:
There was a brief rehearsal and a run-through of the music. Pat was the DJ and he was using the brand new iPod I bought and loaded for Anne and Kevin's wedding gift. They bought themselves a fancy iPod dock and speaker system as their own wedding gift. After the rehearsal, we could have done a million more little things around the place, but we called it a night before Anne stressed too much.

After a rehearsal, you get the best part - the rehearsal dinner. We didn't know how many people would be there or what time we'd be done decorating, so no formal plans had been made for dinner. No formalities usually means pizza (mmm, pizza!) so we headed to Coz's.

We only had to wait for a little bit for our table. My cute sisters:My cute mom:
My cute dad:I have a cute brother, too, but he was home with all his kids so I didn't get to see him til the next day.

Kevin and his family and friends:
Anne and Kevin are smart and chose not to have bachelor or bachelorette parties the night before the wedding so we all called it an early night. At my mom's house, the only warm place is in front of the fire:

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