Monday, February 22, 2010

Mini Updates

  • My financial solvency is being threatened. Ugh. Our renters have moved out and we need to find new renters ASAP. Paying two mortgages is going to kill me. If you know anyone who is looking to rent a house in Phoenix (Glendale, technically), send them to Thanks.

  • Frankie competed in a Top Dog contest yesterday at the PetSmart Charities PetWalk. He didn't win. They had to compete in 3 events - costume, trick and vocalization. I think the judges gave me some points on 'creativity of costume' since they all laughed when I said he was dressed as a coyote. His trick was the best of all the competitors and he even did it on the first command. We did "Are you a boy or a girl" seen here. However, we got a big fat zero for vocalization because Frankie happens to be silent. Really, he only barks when someone comes in our house, which is impossible to replicate on stage at a park. Bummer. But the whole crowd and the judges laughed at his trick, so that was cool.

  • Saturday night when we were driving home, there was a stray dog by our neighborhood park. I made Pat turn around so we could try to capture him. I was on the verge of panicking, too, because I thought for a minute it was Frankie. I was freaking out that he got out. How could he get out? Why is he 6 blocks from home? OMG! Then I realized that 1) it wasn't Frankie and 2) it wasn't a dog. It was a coyote. In my neighborhood. I guess I'll get to stop complaining about feral cats soon. Hey, neighbors! Bring your cats inside!!!

  • Frankie had an agility trial this weekend. He was a crack baby on a few of his runs. He calmed down and rocked the jumpers course, til I stutter-stepped in front of him causing him to drop a bar. Frickin' handlers always ruining everything! He did Q in one of his standard runs, so it wasn't all a waste.

  • I am failing poor Oliver. I am supposed to be teaching him to walk nicely on a leash and maybe do a few tricks. Instead I'm just enjoying him bouncing around the house like Tigger and cuddling with him when he gets tired. I need to get off my lazy ass and do it!

  • I am also failing Christy. After last week's poor running performance in the GUR, I vowed that I would run 3 times this week and 3 times next week to prepare for our race on February 27th. I've only gone running once. Once! And it's not that I haven't had the time. I'm just in a state of lethargy that I can't shake. Also, soccer has been canceled a few times so I've not been getting any of my normal running in, either. I need to get off my lazy ass and do it! While I'm at it, I might want to go to the gym, too. Time for a confession....I've been to the gym only once in the past 2+ weeks. Good bye, abs. Hello, jello. :(

  • Topic: Adult Content. Now, I don't have a thing for "boobies and swearing", but I really like what this guy Kevin has to say about what is real adult content. Don't worry, this link to his post is not taking you to a porn site!

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