Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is going to be short because it's late and I'm sick. I should be in bed already, but I just cannot keep Oliver away from you any longer! He is too cute to keep to myself.

Seriously. Look at that face!

Oliver is my new foster. He is 7 months old and is listed as a shih tzu/rat terrier mix. I'd say more border terrier than rat terrier. He was turned in by his owner because they were moving. I'm not going to go into how annoying this excuse is because like I said, I'm sick and I'm tired and I need to get to bed. This topic would take me forever to fully vent.

Back to the cuteness. He is brindle, but instead of the usual black and orange, he is gray and peach. Yes, peach. Just like the crayon that I used to call "skin-color" as a kid. If he was a cat he'd be a diluted tortie. I don't know what you call dogs of this color. I've never seen one like him before.

Oops - I cut his nose out of this picture:
Unlike my usual fosters, Oliver is not sick or injured. He's in foster because he's a super-model!! He has been chosen to be one of the dogs in the Humane Society's annual "Compassion with Fashion" fashion show. He will be adopted at the event.

He was chosen because he is so cute and so friendly. He likes to give kisses.

My job is to teach him to walk nicely on a leash for the event. I am also going to try to teach him how to share. He's a bit of a toy hoarder. He is house trained, crate trained, good with dogs and cats and kids. He's absolutely perfect! And he has no bad habits. Chewing on dirty clothes isn't really a bad habit, is it? :) This morning he crawled right into the dirty laundry basket so he could surround himself with all the tempting options.

Oliver will be with us until April. The Compassion with Fashion event is Saturday, April 3rd. More info here.


Karissa said...

Black and tan is the closest that I could get. He is quite the cutie!

Sarah said...

He looks so much like Buckley! omg. I love that serious little old man face ... he's going to get adopted in two seconds flat.

Cathleen said...

Oliver is too cute! I would take him, but Roger said no more dogs unless we get rid of one of the kids . . . Cara graduates in a little over two years . . .

Andrea said...

What a cute dog! How are you training him to share? I imagine this can be quite difficult. Those are great pictures of him.