Monday, January 24, 2011

Am I That Boring?

Like everybody else, one of my new year's resolutions was to blog more. I've managed four posts already this month. That's pretty good, right? But it's been a week since I've posted so that means it's time to post again.


What should I post about?

Let's see. What happened today? Well...I lost my car in the Target parking lot. This never used to happen to me because it's easy to find an Elephant. But now I drive a silver Honda CRV (it's my work car.) There are at least 10 silver CRVs in every lot. And 10 more cars that look exactly like it. So very ordinary. It doesn't even beep when I use the remote lock. I honestly have to look for my license plate number to tell if the car is mine. Today, I had to walk up and down 4 rows in the Target lot before I found my license plate.

Ok. That was a boring story.

What else happened today? Well...I emailed some people. Some responded and some did not. I ate at Chipotle for lunch. I walked the dogs. I ran to soccer, which validated my opinion that I hate running. I played soccer. I scored two goals - that is interesting, right? And I didn't get hit in the face which is unusual.

The answer to the post title question? Yep. I am that boring.

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