Friday, January 7, 2011


Do you remember those picture books we used to play with as kids where you could turn the pages to put a different head on a different body on a different set of feet? You could put a dragon head on a ballerina body on zebra legs. I always wished those creatures were real, cuz how cool would it be to have a dragon/ballerina/zebra for a pet? Or a Border Terrier/Mexican Hairless/Flash Dancer - that one would be cool!

But wait! The Border Terrier/Mexican Hairless/Flash Dance pet is for real!! See for yourself!The head of a border terrier, the body of a Mexican Hairless and legwarmers! Ok, maybe the border terrier is a stretch, but I don't know what else it could be.

His name is Galapogos (intentionally misspelled) and he is the new dog in my life. He belongs to a friend of mine and I get the honor of taking care of him sometimes.

Galapogos is about the ugliest dog you've ever seen. Ugly in a cute way, of course! His body is all warts and scabs and random lone hairs popping out.
There is a random patch of black fur on his neck.

This mish-mash of a mutt is pretty cute though (for being so ridiculously ugly)!
He is quiet and reserved, but once he gets to know you he is the sweetest little snuggler who loves to have his hairless back scratched. He is my buddy.

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