Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas with the Diamonds

I'm not feeling very loquacious today and definitely not very this post is mostly just pictures. You probably prefer that anyway.

Here it is - the annual Diamond family Christmas photo:
Micaela, Cerys, Sydney
Me, Lane, Amy, Mom, Matt, Aden Kyle
Brett, Chris, Dad, Pat, Anne, Kevin, Rachel

We went back to Illinois two days before Christmas. The night we got there we were treated to snow! Yippee for a white Christmas!

It snowed all night and all day. On Christmas Eve, Anne and I made this adorably lopsided fella:

Amy got her Christmas wish - to be done with cancer treatments. Yay! She's starting to grow some gray/blonde/orange hair. She's looking really good!

The Christmas Eve tradition of my high school girls meeting for breakfast was supposed to be just me and Maysoun this year, but Elizabeth surprised us by coming back to Springfield early enough to join us. Laura stood us up and went to Colorado with her husband. Boo.

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