Friday, May 27, 2011

H.A.S. with the Shout-out

Hybrid Adventure Series is a new entrant in the mud-run /obstacle-run phenomenon that is taking over the planet. This is their first year. They have only four races on the schedule, one of which is in Phoenix on October 15th. You should check them out, it looks like fun!

A better reason to check them out is because they LOVE me! Scroll down about halfway through this link to see my name! Ok, ignore the part about me being from SoCal and just bask in my coolness!

A bit of explanation - some races have Clydesdale divisions for those weighing over 200 pounds. I guess this is because it's harder for bigger folks to run than it is for scrawny folks? This H.A.S. competition has five challenges: trail running, obstacle course, archery, keg throwing and tire flipping. And they offer a Clydesdale division. Yes, the Clydesdales may have a challenge with the running and the obstacle course, but what about tiny people? You think it's easy for us little tykes to throw kegs and flip tires? I made such a comment on the H.A.S facebook page and, like I said, they LOVE me...and they promptly added a Mini-Mite division. Awww yeah...I'm famous!

And FYI...I'm now officially in training to learn to run more than two miles without walking so I can WIN the Mini-Mite division! Though some of you may recall that it is the archery that I probably should be working on!

Fame points = 10 seconds. I now have 13 minutes and 50 seconds remaining.

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