Sunday, August 28, 2011

Which Jill Are You? - The Competition and Cake Blog

My 40th birthday party was more than just really awesome costumes. It was also about two of my other favorite C-words....competition and cake!

The JillOlympics was broken up into 5 events; an adventure/agility race, ping-pong, Kinect Dance, Jill Trivia and the costume contest. Each party-goer accumulated points for participating and earned extra points for winning or placing in each event. Bonus points were offered with a Jill skit or dance.

The first event was the adventure/agility race. Here we are all gathered for the rules and clue-sheet distribution. Ready, set, go! The agility course included monkey bars:
and a balance beam:
The other events in the race included puzzles:and a front-yard letter search to find points for a word you were assigned:
We also had to solve clues and run around the neighborhood, which was quite a sight to see in our costumes. The clues were easy for me because they all revolved around me. That doesn't make it cheating that I won that event, right?

Throughout the rest of the night, everyone competed in ping-pong (here I am, beating Leah much to her dismay!)I lost in the next round. Boo. Shouldn't people be letting me win cuz it's my birthday? NFBF eventually won the ping-pong tournament.

I don't have any pictures of the Kinect dancing, but Michelle won the event. NFBF, the world's WORST dancer participated just to earn the participation points. It was quite a sight to see. He was also the only one to perform a Jill Skit, so he got bonus points for that, too. He was in it to win!! I was surprised that no one else had prepared a skit or dance. Irene and I would never let a chance like that go to waste. I thought the majority of my friends were attention seeking extroverts! Lame. (Ok, not so lame...keep reading to the costume blog and you will see how not-lame my friends are.)

The costume contest involved a parade. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Everyone put their all into it! Here is the winner, Elaine, as Swimming With the Dolphins-Jill. The runners-up were Brian and Steve C. as the sizzling hot Showgirl-Jills and Josh as Swing-Jill.

The All About Jill trivia was won by NFBF and Elaine. If you would like to try the trivia, I have put it into a Survey Monkey (Click here) so you can take it online. :)

At the end of the scoring, the winners of the JillOlympics were NFBF in 1st place, Aimee in 2nd place and Steve C. in 3rd! NFBF would like to remind you to ALWAYS do the bonus!! The world's most excellent party-throwers, Irene and Nicole, made JillOlympics t-shirts for the winners.
What a fun party! Thanks everyone!!! It was a pretty amazing night. The second-most amazing thing of the evening was that Elaine stayed out past 10:00!!
Which, of course, begs the question of what the first-most amazing thing was.

The MOST AMAZING thing of the evening was...this cake:Aimee put in an ungodly number of hours making this uber-personalized cake masterpiece. She included all the things I like to do. See how she made my name in Scrabble letters? The middle cake is a library of books I've read. Hockey and soccer and puzzles, pictures of my dogs and family...
This was only the 6th cake that she has decorated! Craziness. Pretty talented, wouldn't you say?
Simply amazing! If you would like to hire her to make a cake for any upcoming celebration, let me know and I'll get you in contact with her. She is awesome. And the cake was yummy, too!


Wayne said...

I had SUCH a blast at the party, though what luck that I got stuck playing the eventual ping pong winner in the FIRST round. Rats. Next time I am bringing my own paddle. Yes, I do have one.

Craig Brandenburg said...

Jill, I wouldn't have taken you for the type to misuse “begs the question.”

Diamond Girl said...

I just read up on the usage of "begs the question." I had no idea! Though technically I have misued the original translation of the idea of the phrase, I don't think that it is grammatically incorrect to use it as a way of saying "raises the question".