Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fives

Ok- time to be a "real" blogger and do Friday Fives. So far I have managed to avoid the "Wordless Wednesdays" but this is mostly because I find being wordless very difficult. Before you know it people are going to be tagging me with blogging games.

1. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
First of all, I'm going to assume that I actually won $1.5 million and used the .5 extra to pay the taxes. Obviously, I would quit my job that very minute. I would then seek the aid of a financial planner, though I'm sure that I would choose the wrong one and he/she would totally screw up my windfall and would possibly steal lots of it from me and I'd be back to work within two years. I would pay off my debt and Pat's debt and the debt of my NFBF, since he has been promising to do the same for me for the past 16 years of wishful lottery play. Then I'd plan a trip to Australia/New Zealand for Travel Troupe. Then I'd spend my days volunteering at the Humane Society, fostering lots of dogs and laying around in my pool.

2. How about 5 million?
Woo hoo! This is getting more fun. I'd do all the above but now I'd also pay off the debt of my siblings and my parents. I'd give big donations to both the Humane Society and AAWL. Pat could quit his job, too, but he'd be off on so many cruises with the boys that I'd never see him.

3. How about one hundred million?
Damn, that's just impossible. I can't think that big. I'm cool with the 5 million from number 2.

4. How about the babe lottery? Angelina Jolie or Jenn Aniston? (Okay you can change that to Tom Selleck and Peter Frampton...or whoever you see fit.)
No can do - I'm married to the greatest guy on the planet. I would donate the babe choice to Jamie.

5. Really?
Yep, really. Though I would have fleeting thoughts of giving my babe choice to Pat as a trade-off for me running off with Danny Briere.

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Elaine said...

Is this a blogging challenge? Have you thrown down the guantlet? That's all I've got...just the questions. I guess I automatically lose. But I do need to know if you'll be home on the Sun. or Mon. after Christmas. We want you to come dancing. Me, Natasha, and Ray Davies...