Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mini Updates

  • All three of my Sunday soccer teams made it to the championships for the season. And on Sunday, all three of my teams won their championship games! Woo Hoo!!! My soccer drawer overfloweth with t-shirts.
  • I am keeping Mo. I've still got to finalize the adoption with the Humane Society, but then I'll be the official owner of THREE dogs. Oh, god, what am I getting myself into? Lots of years of the Woo Woo Howl of Impatient Joy, I hope! Pat wasn't thrilled about the idea and so I waited to tell him until after he had a few beers with Craig and then took a large dose of cold medicine and was already halfway asleep. By the time he was coherent, it was too late to protest.
  • It's almost Christmas. Usually I LOVE Christmas, but this year the spirit just hasn't gotten a hold of me yet. I didn't even participate in tree-buying this year. Poor Pat had to take Craig with him instead. The poor tree has been standing naked in our living room for the past two weeks. I finally decorated it last night in preparation for the co-ed book club Christmas party I'm having tonight. I resolve to listen to Christmas music exclusively for the next few days to see if I can get myself back on track - because I need a little Christmas, right this very minute, I need a little Christmas now.
  • Facebook made me happy today. I just reconnected with an old friend that my NFBFs and I used to work with when we lived in Grand Rapids. And, I got a message from ex-boyfriend Mikey that Dolby (the border collie mentioned two posts down) "is still going strong, although mostly deaf and a little cloudy-eyed. He's happy just to get his butt scratched, but still obsesses over the squirrels." YAY!

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