Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Down Time in the Canyon

It wasn't all hiking and swimming in the Grand Canyon. Of course there was game playing. FARKLE!This was before we stole additional picnic tables from unused campsites near us. We had one picnic table that sat 8 people, which left 12 of us standing or sitting on the ground. After we played this game for a while on Christy's bed roll, it was suggested that maybe we'd be more comfortable if we could all sit down at once!

More picnic tables! And more Farkle!I challenged Craig to a game of Scrabble. I am on a 3 month Scrabble losing streak. My streak continues:
We had some wildlife adventures in camp, too. That is, if you count squirrels as wildlife. Across the little stream from us, the squirrels claim the campsites for their own. Jess and Chris had their tent set up there, but the squirrels were relentless -- jumping up the sides of tent trying to get in. They'd jump and jump and jump until the finally hit the mesh part, then they'd chew threw it and eat whatever they could find inside. Jess and Chris finally gave in to the squirrels and moved their tent across the stream. This spelled squirrel doom for the group camping next to them.

We were in our camp in the afternoon and our neighbors across the stream were not. We noticed the squirrels doing the crazed jump/attacks on the tents and then saw one eat through the mesh. In he went. The tent was fully zipped and he now had no way out. I went over to remove the squirrel/save the campers food stores. See the hole above the blue part of the tent:I opened up the door and went around back to kick the tent. Out flew the squirrel. You can see him zooming out of the lower righthand frame of the picture: I zipped up all the windows in the tents in hopes of deterring more break-ins at the neighbors'.

Kristen lent me this cool tent to take on the trip:I didn't bring it though. There was rain (isolated storms, Aimee!) forecast for every day and this wasn't going to do much against the rain. Christy had a 3-person tent for herself, Aimee and me, so I gladly left the (2 pounds) weight of the tent out of my pack.

Yeah...3-person tents don't really fit 3 persons unless you are all very snuggly people. So this is where I slept:It was cooler than the tent, so that was good. I sprayed my bedding with Off! before bedtime so I wasn't really bothered by bugs while I slept. The flies would come at about 5:30 am, so that was annoying and I couldn't read with my headlamp because it attracted too many bugs. Other than that though, I enjoyed sleeping outside.

This was what I woke up to:Well, one morning I woke up to a squirrel trying to get in my Camelback that was right next to me. Squirrel! I am RIGHT HERE! Show some fear, buddy! Instinctively my dog voice came out and he got in trouble, "Leave it! Get out! Get!"

And this is the fun I had with Aimee and Christy at night:

Our group:A more accurate depiction of our group:And more:
Girls with braids stick together:

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