Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Perils of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon trip was not without its share of perils. Maybe this? Those horns could really hurt!!
Or maybe this snake slithering around right by our portion of the creek?

Nope! Those things are not dangerous at all! The REAL perils of the trip are these - a backpack, peanut butter and jelly, sand and pretty waterfalls!

The excessively EVIL pack:
The very dangerous PB&J:
Heavy packs loaded with too much PB&J caused hip injuries such as this one (my injury wasn't quite so visible, so here is Aimee's):

Public Enemy #1: Deep sand!
The really deep sand kept getting into my shoe as I shuffled along the trail. I knew I was getting a blister as the sand got caught in my sock and kept rubbing against the side of my heel. But I had no idea I was going to get TWO blisters, one large, one small - right on top of each other. Ouch! Frickin' sand!

And aren't these little tiny waterfalls pretty? Cute as a button? Don't be fooled. DANGER AHEAD!
If you slip while crossing (which these 3 girls did), you will end up with a scraped and bruised left knee!

I also fell while crossing the falls, but I injured my right calf, so I didn't get to be in the picture. My fall was pretty spectacular though. One false step and I went plunging chin-high into the water, submerging my camera. I got out quickly enough that the water didn't penetrate the case though! I was a little shaken up from the fall and on my next step, fell in again! :) Waterfalls are dangerous, I'm telling you!!