Monday, September 14, 2009

White Trash Birthday Bash

The second day of our Austin trip we had the White Trash Birthday Bash. I love a dress-up party! With the help of my favorite pet boy, Jamie (who will now and forever be referred to only as FPB) and my co-worker Laura, I put together this great outfit. Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt. Jeans shorts, ripped in the ass. Tramp stamp of a bull......and later on when I got cold, the ugliest, white-trashiest shirt I've ever seen...complete with blood from a bar fight on the front and chew tobacco globbing up at the bottom of the front pockets. Ew.

Our glamour queen Sarah pulls off white trash unexpectedly well:

A group of white trash girls:
With white trash attitudes:Miller High Life, baby!

One of the guests came with the requisite white trash hair - the mullet. The wig got passed around for everyone to try. Here I am showing everyone that I can rock the mullet...

and sadly received the following (serious!) comments on the below picture. "Jill, I've never seen you look so good. This is the best picture of you." and "Wow, that hair color really suits you." and "I'm sorry to say this, but that hair really suits you." I'm not joking when I say these comments were serious. :( Do I really need to streak my hair silver and cut it into a mullet to be pretty? God, help me.

I've been saving the best part for last. The White Trash Montage of Kiri... ENJOY:


Wayne said...

I swear I've seen all of you girls on "Cops" at one time or another.

Kiri said...

Thanks for not putting the pic of me where you can see my coochie.

Sarah F. said...

Jill, I know you don't like to hear this, but I seriously think mullets were invented for you. You should hope they come back in style SOON because you look f***in' hot in one!

(or is that just the white trash in me talking???)

Anonymous said...