Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Up

Like I said previously, I've been feeling blah and stressed and empty-brained. I've also been a big, fat, lazy procrastinator. Tonight I have finally caught up on two blog posts that I've been putting off since...oy, this is embarrassing...ok....since June and July. Yes, I know, that is REALLY lazy.

To keep things chronologically in sync, I post-dated them so they would show up in the archive of the month that they actually took place in.

I'd hate for you to miss anything so you can read about Ping Pong Part 2 here.

And the Wuss? I Am Not!! Redux here.

My end of the year resolution is to be a more timely blogger. And to win the lottery.

1 comment:

Craig Brandenburg said...

June and July? Big deal. My two posts that I have yet to write and publish are both from May. I find that keeping them unwritten and unpublished is a great way to encourage posts from that Anonymous commenter.