Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume Parties

I love it when Halloween falls on a Saturday, because then you get two nights of parties. Two nights of parties means two nights of wearing costumes! I love costumes!

This year I put very little effort into my costume, unlike last year when I spent hours and hours on ebay acquiring all the right pieces for our Ferris Bueller group costume. It was Pat who went all out this year, buying the necessary pieces, applying sequins, spending hours on makeup application, etc:
This year I spent about 15 minutes online ordering a Snow White costume and a black wig. Snow White with Jamie: (Oh, sorry...he's Yanni, damn it)
Nicole, the lovely hostess of the Friday night costume party, is a housewife a la Mad Men.
The lovely hostess made these lovely cookies. Mmmm....cookies! I think I ate about 13 of them!
Josh also spent some time putting together a clever homemade costume:This lasted about 10 minutes before his arms (legs?) got too tired and he turned it all around and became a farmer.

Irene came as dirty laundry. Brian didn't want to be a household chore, so he took the easy way out with the doctor costume.
But the best costume of the night, in my opinion, was this guy, who came as "NFBF - that blurry faced guy from that really cool blog". Ah, genius.

The next night we went to a party hosted by one of our soccer friends. I needed to get my money's worth from the Snow White costume so I wore it again. Jamie didn't have the necessary pieces to be Andre Agassi: The Meth Years so he brought Yanni, damn it, back again. Pat went home and went to bed. (We went to the Coyotes game first - blog post coming, and we had to be up at 5:30 for a work event/5K- blog post coming).

Different night, same costumes. With Louie, our host:
with Uriel from soccer:
Another super-fun night. I love Halloween and I especially love Halloween weekends!


Anonymous said...

NFBF! Brilliant!
I wish I had thought of that.

Elaine said...

I'm dying. First off, Pat never ceases to amaze me. And then there's the genious that is NFBF. How cute is Nicole? And even Irene whipped up a cute costume. I've not got the costume gene. I did buy mouse ears that say "Happy Halloween" so that next year I have something... Jill, you look hot in wigs. You can totally rock a wig!