Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Foster Makes Good

The Humane Society sends out an e-newsletter to all the volunteers. This was yesterday's email:

AHS Pet Partners!
Hi there, AHS Volunteers!

Many of you will remember that we have recently begun an animal assisted activities program, whereby we have AHS volunteers become certified with their own pets to visit folks in need! It is proving to be very rewarding. So, if you have a dog, kitty, bunny, or bird at home who is a social butterfly and just can't help spreading sunshine, we would love for you to become a Pet Partner for the Arizona Humane Society!

Visiting senior citizens in Peoria - Holidays 2009:
Great Dane Mia, letting the light in her heart shine on others, with her mom, AHS volunteer Michele!

Hey! I know that dog! She used to drool in my cereal every morning. Woo hooooo!! Another foster dog makes good! I am so proud. Not only has she become a therapy dog, but her adopter has become a volunteer for the AHS!! Awww....


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration!

2halves said...

How cool is that!?