Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini Updates

  • PLAYOFF HOCKEY! Coyotes lead the series 2-1 over Detroit. Woo hoo! Because everything revolves around me, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the game they lost is my fault. I was there for Game 1 - we won! I watched Game 3 on tv - we won! Game 2, however, I was flying over the plains and thus unable to watch - we lost. OBVIOUSLY, my viewing presence is a factor in the outcome of the game. Yes, I will be watching tomorrow! Sadly, I will not be watching on Friday, as I will again be flying over the plains.

  • Why so much flying? Because for me, it's Twilight Town Treks twenty-four/seven. Ok, that's a lie since I just told you've I've watched two hockey games...but it feels like the truth. This past weekend I flew to St. Louis to choose a start/finish location and map out the St. Louis race. It was 9 full hours of walking. Damn, my knees hurt! This upcoming weekend Christy and I will be doing the same thing in Indianapolis for the Indy race.

  • Two weekends ago, Christy and I spent Friday night walking Phoenix to plan the Phoenix race. Early the next morning we went white-water rafting (fun!), then came home and headed immediately downtown for another three hours to finish the race planning. Seriously, this race stuff is exhausting. I sincerely hope all this exhausting work will pay off! And trust me, the race is going to be FUN! If you haven't signed up yet, please do! And if you know anyone in St. Louis or Indianapolis, let them know about the race!

  • No foster doggies right now. With all the travel I'm doing, I told Pat I would take a break so he doesn't get stuck with taking care of four dogs! I'm probably pushing it with making him take care of F/G/M.

  • Did someone say travel? Two weekends after Indianapolis, I will be going to California with Irene and Michelle for a much-delayed (by three years!) trip to Six Flags.

  • Mo did 12 weave poles at class the other day! YAY!

  • So, I'm bowling in a league now. Yeah, yeah, I know. But, it's a flex league, so I can bowl by myself and I can go anytime I want. This past Sunday I was on fire - I got a 187 and a 194! A 200 game is one of the things I've got to do before I die. I was only 6 pins off! No dying yet, I guess.

  • I rode my bike to work today. I really shouldn't be allowed to ride a bike. I am not coordinated enough to safely pull it off. When I look over my left shoulder to check traffic before crossing a street, I inevitably follow my head's lead and drift leftward into that traffic. Maybe dying will happen before the 200 game after all.

  • Things are still pretty sucky. Some days I deal with it better than other days.


Elaine said...

I'm so proud/impessed by you and Christy for the Town Trek business! But I don't like being punished for getting knocked up by having to skip out on Magic Mt. Pooh. I blame Steven. Glad you are taking Michelle! Look out world...Jill's on a roll!

How can things be sucky when everything's coming Jill!!!

Molly said...

I sure hope you will be watching Game 7!!!!! Knock out Detroit!