Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is the definition of optimism:
If I buy tons of cat food, that means my kitty will have to stick around to eat the tons of cat food, right? Right!!

Poor kitty. A year ago I took Al to the vet for what turned out to be a lung infection. I was told then that he also had the beginnings of kidney failure and a weak heart. I think the lung infection is starting to come back - he's coughing a lot again. Also, he has lost even more weight. Poor little guy is just skin and bones. He still looks like a big cat though thanks to the fluff!
While he is losing lung, kidney and heart functionality, he hasn't lost any functionality of his purr-motor! He's a happy little kitty (as long as Mo isn't around hassling him). He likes to curl around my head and purr directly in my ear. He also likes to chew my hair and bite my skull, but that isn't allowed. Naughty kitty!Since my kitty is the coolest kitty in the world, I remain optimistic that he will stick around long enough to eat all that cat food. And then long enough for me to buy that much again. And again. And again. I love my kitty!


Anonymous said...

How old is your kitty?
How did he become part of your life?

Monica Marley's Mom said...

I do the same thing. My cat is 18 years old and aging fast. I keep buying cases of food with the hope he sticks around to finish all the yummy soft canned food he's getting due to his age.