Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Costume Party? Halloween? No, It's Co-Ed Book Club

In case the members of my co-ed book club are getting jealous of all the pictures and mentions here of my girl book club, I figure it's only fair to share the craziness I get to enjoy every third Wednesday of the month. I dig every girl and guy in the book club, but I'd specifically like to shine the spotlight on our most enthusiastic member.

Jamie really gets in to the books, as you will clearly see.

We read Under the Banner of Heaven (it's about Mormons. Jamie is NOT a Mormon):

We read Geek Love (it's about circus freaks and the main character is a bald, albino, hunchback dwarf):
And this month we read Treasure Island:
In addition to dressing up for the book, Jamie frequently makes CDs for us that are relevant to the book or whatever holiday it is. When one girl's spouse heard the Valentine's Day "love song" CD that Jamie created, she was almost forced to quit book club because the spouse couldn't understand why she'd want to spend time with such depraved people. Jamie also brings us themed party favors. When we did a book about India, he brought everyone bindi stickers for our foreheads and desserts from the Indian grocery store. For our one-year anniversary he brought birthday cupcakes (mmm, cupcakes!) and made a CD that had a song about each book we've covered.

Jamie has finished every single book we've read, which is more than I can say. I just could not get through Gig or The Astronomer on Mars. And though Jamie hated Dune and really disliked some of the others, he's no quitter.

Don't quit on me, Jamie. You are a super-star. Whee!

He also does the helicopter at every meeting.


Elaine said...

That's hilarious. Especially for a guy to be so themed out and detailed. Jaimie is da man.

Elaine said...

Sorry for the extra I. I can't take it back!

Anonymous said...

OMG,I think I have a huge crush on Jamie. HUGE. Plus, I love a lot of the books you've been reading. Geek Love was AWESOME!!!! So, was Under The Banner of Heaven. I am getting a little (*very*)jealous.... Jill, why don't you make CD's for us? Remember, when there is an opening, you said Jimmy could join!

AngeSeng said...

stop talking about how great your book club is - I'm jealous. people don't read here.

I'm in the middle of a few interventions. I've forced Special Topics in Calamity Physics, The Great Gatsby and Life of Pi on a friend.

Results: She loved Special Topics. Has only read two pages of The Great Gatsby (crazy!!! I read this book at least once a year) and I don't think she finished Life of Pi because I quizzed her about the ending and she totally had no idea.

I need nerdy friends!!!