Thursday, July 24, 2008

Positively Moaning With Pleasure Over Our Buttery Bits

Alternate Post Title: I've Got 14 Minutes and 56 Seconds Left

My friend, Sarah, writes for the New Times. She does not write cheesy romance novels, though based on the title of this post which is a quote from her latest food blog posting, she certainly has the knack!

And this time her blog posting mentions me by name so I've racked up two more seconds of fame.


AngeSeng said...
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AngeSeng said...

that squid sounds so good. i need it, but then again i need to eat everything i hear about that is out of my reach. the other night while watching Gilmore Girls, the people in the diner were eating chicken chilequiles. i don't even remember what they are, but my mouth was watering and i demanded my husband make them immediately.