Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mini Updates

  • I have four families who are potentially interested in Scarlet. Of those, some are more interesting to me than others. The home visits start this week. I've got high hopes for a happy ending.
  • My friend, Mrs. Cookie, is having a baby any day now. ANY DAY NOW! I can't believe it's actually happening. I just hope she waits until after we have lunch today.
  • The results of our Adventure Race have been posted. Our official time was 2:44:55. We finished 30th out of 50, so we beat 20 other teams! Next year our goal is to be in the top half.
  • Getting engaged is sort of like yawning. If you see someone else do it, you have to do it, too. A lot of people I know have been yawning and now it seems everyone I know is yawning. I am excited for all the upcoming weddings - I LOVE weddings!
  • The slow summer pace at work has sadly been replaced with the madcap fall-winter-spring pace. I am simultaneously working on 20 events, 4 of which are huge events. This is about double what I can actually handle in my work week. I feel the overtime a comin'.
  • Remember when Tomorrow won the soccer championship last season? Have you noticed that reports on the team have been conspicuously absent lately? Yeah, well, that's because tonight is the last game of the season and we have won zero games. ZERO. Not a one. How embarrassing. Brad and Laura will be returning for next season so maybe Jamie will have some support on the team and we can redeem ourselves.
  • 2 months until Travel Troupe heads to Brazil. Yippee! I love vacation!
  • I have rejoined the land of the living. My cell phone, which sadly died in the river during the adventure race, has finally been replaced. I am now reachable again! And Pat and I both have shiny new phones and a shiny new 2-year contract with Verizon. I hope I don't hate them.


Anonymous said...

I have verizon too-- so it's free for us to call eachother!! (At least on my pan it is!!)

Anonymous said...

oops! I mean my PLAN.