Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Bestest Friend

You've been asking what's the deal with the guy with the fuzzed out face. No, he is not wanted by the law. No, he is not an undercover spy (well, he might be, but I wouldn't actually admit to that, now would I?) He is not hiding from a crazy ex. He is the male half of my best friend couple and he has requested no internet presence. He's always around so he's always in my photos but I respect his wish by neither showing his face or calling him by name here on my blog. It's goofy and I think he's just trying to be contrary, but I love this about him. He is my Nameless Faceless Best Friend.

Last week he sent me this email:

Equipment has not yet been invented to measure the depths of my
appreciation of your friendship. Happy 16 years!

He makes me happy. He remembers our friendship anniversary. It is awesome to be loved.

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