Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Talk About Pee!

Alternate Post Title: Mo Update

Mo is doing much better. She's been back to the vet a few times to get her incision checked and restapled and to have her bladder palpated. They were afraid that her inability to pee standing up, despite her many valiant efforts, may have been a sign that her bladder was injured in the accident. This would mean that she would forever be a dog covered in pee. Not good. The other thought was that since her incision area was infected inside, perhaps the pain was too great for her to get past. They gave us new meds and told us to hope for the best.

The meds helped and Mo is now peeing like a normal dog! Yay! However, weird peeing issues remain. She needs to pee about four separate times before she's empty. If you bring her inside before she has peed a sufficient number of times, she'll pee on the floor as soon as you aren't looking. She needs to pee immediately after she finishes eating. Immediately. Frankie and Georgie get the cue of "Who wants dinner??" when I'm about to feed them. Mo gets "Who wants to Eatpee, Sweetpea?" If you wait four seconds after she takes that last bite, she has already peed on the floor. It's very curious. She holds it all day while we are at work and all night while we're sleeping, but when we are home, unless I'm paying very careful attention, she'll pee in the house at least once a day. I think this is because she sleeps while we are away, but when we're home she's moving around and active and though she knows to go outside, she just can't hold it. We're going back to the vet tomorrow to get her last sutures out and for another bladder check.

In other Mo news, she has become an almost happy dog. She wags her tail furiously when we come home. She seeks attention and affection. But sometimes, she's still hesitant and scared. She has the cutest, quiet little howl that she gives me when she's impatient to come inside to eat her breakfast. I love the sound of a dog howl and hers is especially pretty. She is not really friends with Frankie or Georgie, but she and Frankie have started to ignore each other in closer proximity:

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