Thursday, November 27, 2008

Officially a Circus Star

At the end of each session of trapeze lessons, Trapeze U puts on a show to allow the students an opportunity to perform. You may think of it as being similar to a kid's dance or piano recital (because it is), but I prefer to think of it as me officially being a circus star (because I have delusions of grandeur). Ok, perhaps you need sparkly, spangly leotards to be officially classified as a circus star, but I settled for tights!

The good news is that my broken video camera was a working video camera for the whole of the performance. The bad news is that the camera I'm borrowing from a friend doesn't seem to be playing nicely with my computer so, though I can watch the video to my heart's content, I cannot upload the video to share with you. The great news is that a girl in my class sent me a video clip of one of my tricks just a few minutes ago! YAY!

This was my second trick of the night - a split. This trick would be a lot prettier if I could actually do the splits. However, I can't do the splits. You're just going to have to deal with bent legs. But forget about the trick...this clip is all about the return!!!! This is the first ever return where I've caught the bar with both hands! Occasionally I have caught the bar with one hand in a flailing grab while the instructor working the ropes keeps me airborne for an unnaturally long time a la Peter Pan, but this time I caught it like I meant to do it. Yay!! (Of course, mucho credit needs to go to Aaron, the catcher. Check out how hard he throws me at that bar.)

Hear all those people cheering? I had a huge fan club at the show despite the weather and the long drive to Gilbert. My boss came with her husband (and they actually live in Gilbert so no long drive for them), all my agility girls came with their families (and they brought me flowers and made up for my lack of sequins with a card that was bedazzled with them), and four of my co-ed book club friends came. I felt so popular! But where were my husband and my girl book club friends? Good question...


Elaine said...

You might be the coolest person I know.

2halves said...

Wow, how much fun it that!?!