Friday, November 7, 2008

Pat's SMOKIN' Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Pat really likes his smoker and wants to get as much use out of it as possible so he decided that we will be doing Thanksgiving at our house this year. To make sure that he knows exactly how to smoke a turkey, he wanted to do a trial run. He invited 20 his closest friends, smoked up a few turkeys and a ham and asked the guests to supply the side dishes. It was quite a feast!

It was also quite a learning experience for Pat. He hasn't had a lot of experience planning parties or cooking for groups - with the exception of the initial smokyque. He learned that 22 people dining at once is hard to accommodate in one dining room. He learned that large amounts of meat require serving platters. He learned that carving a turkey isn't easy. Luckily, Brad and his dad were there to assist. He also learned that we have the most awesome group of friends and neighbors that anyone could ask for! Actually, he already knew this last one!

And since it was a trial run for Thanksgiving, I would like to do a trial run at giving thanks to all of my fabulous friends! I am honored to be a part of each of your lives and to have you as a part of mine. Thank you all!!

Football is on the TV - just like a real Thanksgiving!

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