Friday, April 24, 2009

Stuff White People Like: Book Clubs

My book club is very WHITE. Who needs diversity anyway? As a matter of fact, we like to celebrate our whiteness with white themed meetings.

Example 1
We just read Devil in the White City by Erik Larson - a dual story about the World's Fair in Chicago and a serial killer. The food theme was Taste of Chicago and the dress theme was white - like a P.Diddy party. And here we are, white as white can be. A bunch of white girls in white. The long browned hair girl who looks kinda Hispanic in this picture? Nope, she's white. But she is Jewish, does that count as diverse?
Oh wait, here's our diversity! A white girl wearing black!

Example 2
A few months ago we read Blindness by Jose Saramago. Everyone in the book goes blind and their blindness is white. We decided that all white food would be appropriate:

Example 3
We put the white in White Trash.

White Trash was the theme for The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. The book is about a race car driver. He's not NASCAR, but car racing is car racing, right? Our white trash food - McDonald's (served in the bag, of course), pizza, wings, Oreos, hot dog corn bread muffins, and stuff made with lard:

While Jagermeister, the ubiquitous white trash beverage staple, was offered, Kiri chose the very white trash combination of wine and oreos. Ew. Classy!

Who is this non-white girl? It's Grace! She was in our book club but ditched us because we were too white.

Just kidding! She moved to California and now cries herself to sleep every night from the emptiness and loneliness she feels since she left our book club.


Sarah said...

Funniest.Blog Post.Ever.

seriously, what a great explication of our book club's previously unacknowledged leitmotif. I smell a graduate thesis (you can join me in school while I study the all-important topic of sibling incest)!

grace said...

Whoa - I too am impressed, no, vindicated, by the validation of the trend I so obviously detected as it simmered beneath the surface. Thank goodness I was able to flee before the boil. Frankly - I think I own MAYBE one thing that is white and worse yet, I look terrible in white - so I suppose it's best I'm crying myself to sleep in CA.....I DO MISS YOU GUYS!!!! EVEN IF YOU'RE WHITE -- invest in bronzer!!!

Elaine said...

One of my all time favorite sayings, "It's because I'm white, isn't it?"