Sunday, April 26, 2009


Baseball, baseball, baseball. Baseball on Saturday, baseball on Sunday. This was a weekend of baseball.

My little intern Tom plays baseball for the Arizona State University Club team. Saturday was their last home game, so the whole marketing department planned to make I Heart Tom shirts and big "GO TOM" signs and utterly embarrass the poor kid with yelling and cheering. Little Intern Tom is happy that all those plans were just big talk. It ended up being just me and Nathalie at the game, no fancy t-shirts, no signs at all. We did yell and cheer though! Especially when Tom hit what ended up being the game-tying run in the 9th: Hurray, Tom!! They ended up winning. Nathalie and I believe it was the good luck vibe we brought to Little Intern Tom.

Oh, and "little" Tom is actually quite tall:
On Sunday, I went to the Diamondbacks game with Pat, Jamie and Christy. NFBF was initially invited but he turned me down because he was already going with all the kids for Little League Day. They sat way up in section 319. We sat way down low in the dugout box area - nice!

Christy and Pat (This picture of Christy cracks me up because she's simultaneously trying to smile and get caramel out of her teeth):
Me and Jamie (no caramel):
I didn't have a caramel apple, but I did have a chocolate chip cookie as big as your head.
Just like with Saturday's game, I brought the good luck vibe. Taking a cue from Little Intern Tom, the Diamondbacks tied the game in the 9th. They ended up winning in the 12th - which was a very significant win. Significant for me anyway. Why? Because Jamie was so convinced that they were going to lose that he said "If the Dbacks come back and win this, I will play soccer again." Hee! Get out your soccer shoes, Jamie! We really need you on Sunday! He actually owes me two leagues - perhaps he shouldn't be so cocky with his baseball knowledge. He also told me that if a runner didn't run, he'd play soccer again. The runner didn't run. So, Jamie, the game time is 8:40 on Thursday. See you there!

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