Thursday, April 9, 2009


There's this really big guy who plays soccer. Seriously, huge. I come up to about his shoulder. I think his name is Mike. Tonight he took a shot, a really HARD shot and I blocked it. With my face. I didn't block it on purpose, I didn't even see him kick it. The only thing I saw was a ball in my face. If I had seen it coming, I would have ducked.

But I didn't see it coming and I didn't duck. It hit me vertically square between my jaw and my eyebrow on the left side of my face. I don't remember falling, but I must have because I was on my back feeling completely numb and I was unable to move my lips to speak. I thought for sure that I had a broken cheek bone or lost some teeth at the very least. Ouch!!

Ha! Nope. Nothin' but a teeny, tiny little scratch on my eyebrow from my glasses. My glasses, which went flying about ten feet, weren't even broken.

I am indestructible. Good to know.

Take note.