Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cosmically Glum

I've been feeling cosmically glum for the past few days. It seems that whenever a bad mood comes around, bad things start happening, making the bad mood even deeper and darker. It wouldn't have taken much to push me over the edge yesterday, but it seems like the badness just wouldn't quit.

First, I was in Scottsdale doing venue site visits and I got a fricking parking ticket. I wasn't parked illegally, but apparently I have neglected to put my registration sticker on my license plate so I was ticketed for parking an unregistered vehicle on Scottsdale city streets. Don't you think that my tags are a matter for the DMV, not for the City of Scottsdale? Ergh. I hate Scottsdale. Come to think of it, the last time I was in a mood this bad, I got a speeding ticket in the mail that day. God, I can't afford to be in a bad mood!!

Then, I went hiking with the dogs when I got home in an effort to exercise away my bad mood. We were finishing up the hike, it was getting dark. There was a bunny on the trail that I didn't see, but Frankie sure did. I should have been paying closer attention because I know that all the bunnies come out to play at dusk. Frankie pulled the leash right out of my kayak-blistered hands and took off running. It was terrible. When we are at obedience class that dog has an amazing recall. He even does ok at the park with kids and other dogs around. But with a running bunny as a distraction - no way. He did not respond to my calls. He was gone! It was almost dark out, I couldn't see or hear him. Gone! I tried not to panic as I trailed after him, but my heart was beating a million beats per second and I was on the verge of tears. Thank god for Georgie. Who knew that she has what it takes to be an excellent tracking dog? She was pulling as hard as she could trying to catch up with Frankie and the bunny. After about 10 minutes of scrambling through the brush along a dry wash, she led me right to a forlorn Frankie, staring sadly into a hole. The bunny escaped. I went home feeling stupid and stressed from the scare.

And finally...I didn't eat lunch yesterday. I was leaving the office early for the site visits, so I just ran out of time. No problem. I was planning to go to the mall to get my glasses fixed later and any trip to the mall means I get rewarded with Chick-Fil-A. Mmmm, yummy. I was looking forward to this all day!! But I get to the mall Chick-Fil-A is now closed. CLOSED. It took much will power not to lay down in the fetal position, moaning and rocking right there outside of Hot Topic. Ok, this might be a little thing that would hardly make a blip in a normal day, but with everything added up, I am totally broken hearted.

And cosmically glum.


Lemonade - An Event Company said...

but i am sure you were all better after hearing that violet sleeps in the guest bed. chin up.

Elaine said...

Time for another cruise!

Karissa said...

... we should have ate ice cream on Wed...