Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy New Year, Craig!

At my work when someone has a birthday, I make them wear a Happy New Year's bowler hat all day and I decorate their office with blowhorns and confetti and other New Year's Eve crap. This is mostly because I inherited a box of New Year's Eve decorations and not anything that says Happy Birthday and I'm too cheap and lazy to buy my own decorations. It's somewhat relevant though because the birthday boy or girl is starting a New Year and we all hope it's happy. Right? Is that a stretch? No? Good.

Though I didn't have the Happy New Year hat for Craig to wear on his birthday yesterday (his 30th, btw!!), I would like to persuade him to celebrate a New Year instead of a birthday. The main part of the New Year's tradition that I'm hoping translates through to his birthday is that of the New Year's Resolution. And because I am such a good friend to Craig, I'm even going to help him with his resolution.

Craig....repeat after me..."In my 30th year, I resolve to stop getting hit by cars." If you really want to get wild and crazy, you can use this one, "In my 30th year, I resolve to stop getting hit by cars AND stop crashing my bike so often."

Happy New Year, Craig! Be safe!

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