Monday, May 4, 2009

Past Weekends

I'm a bit behind in my blogging. Let's go back a few weekends ago to when my high school friends, Laura and Maysoun, were in town. Yeah...that was THREE weeks ago. I know...I'm a blogging slacker. Or a slacking blogger. Whatever.

After the race, we rested and then it was time for a girls night out. There were LOTS OF GIRLS at girls night out:
It was book club birthday celebration night at Pasta Bar in downtown Phoenix and then the wussies went home (i.e. Elaine!) and the rest of us went to Turf. There was a rockabilly band playing and they were okay, but it was too loud to talk much. So Laura, Maysoun and I sided with the wussies and went home early.

A day of racing and going out deserves a day of relaxation...

It was pretty warm on Sunday (in the 90's) so my New York and Chicago pals wanted to celebrate the sunshine by getting in the pool. It had been cold and cloudy back east so the sun was truly something to celebrate. Being an Arizonan, I know that the pool is not swimmable until the end of May, but the girls insisted. CRAZIES!! April 19, 2009 marks the earliest I have EVER been in my pool...beating last year's record by FIVE weeks! Yes, it was very cold!!

Nothing says relaxation like a Bud Light in the pool...
I relax sans-Bud Light.
After swimming, we pretended we were in 5th grade again and dressed like twinkies in our adventure race shirts and 3rd place medals while we returned Laura's rental bike and the rented paddles. People looked down their noses at us, but we know that they were just jealous. When Maysoun and I went for a pedicure later, we were even openly mocked by the toenail-painter-girl.
I'm adding this picture because it falls into the Past Weekends category. Two weekends ago Grace came back from California for another visit. I joined the book club girls at Postino. As usual, we had lots of laughs, were unreasonably loud and had a great time!

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