Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lung Infection

An inhaler:
A cat:

A contraption to combine the inhaler with the cat:
My cat, Al, who happens to be the coolest cat in the whole world, has a lung infection. I noticed he was having a hard time breathing a few weeks ago. I thought maybe Mo damaged his windpipe somehow since she plays with him a little too roughly. I took him to the vet, we did x-rays, we spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Al has a lung infection. And while we're at it, he also has the beginning of kidney failure and heart disease. Crap.

The usual treatment for a lung infection is steroids. However, steroids are a no-no for kitties with decreased heart functionality. And this is how I found myself in the position of having to use a contraption that combines inhalers with cats.

The vet suggested blowing the air into the contraption and blocking the mask part with my hand first before putting the mask to Al's face. This is because most cats tend to freak out when air is blown at them. Al is not "most cats". Like I said earlier, Al is the coolest cat ever. He is completely compliant with no complaint. He lets me do anything to him, including giving him an inhalation breathing treatment.

Inhaler #1:Inhaler #2:What a good little kitty! I heart him.

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jme said...

Shouldn't it read... May Is My Month of... "DIAMOND-ATION!!!"