Monday, August 3, 2009


It's the month of non-stop birthday madness. Happy belated to the Cookies' little Ava. She is one now! Almost a real kid! Mr. Cookie is also celebrating a birthday. And, don't forget, it's MY birthday soon! Hurray! Well, hurray for my birthday, but boo-hiss on being old. Yuck.

Today is Laura's birthday. She is just a baby at 26.

Happy birthday to the girl with more rules than anyone I know. Because of you I will never leave my tent door open! I will always respond to email invitations. I will not play Scrabble at your apartment. Etc, etc.

Smile! It's your birthday!

And full-on Laura!
Happy birthday!


L said...

Yay! I just saw this post. Thanks for the special treatment :-D

Craig Brandenburg said...

I first read this blog post in Websense Land, where A Little Diamond arrives mysteriously without photos. I wondered what you meant by "small, medium, and full-on Laura." I should have known!

Great post!